Associated Petroleum Consultants

For over 30 years, APC Personnel have provided Independent Scientific and Technical advice over liquid quality and quantity cargo disputes.

  • Crude Oil & Petroleum Products

    A perennial problem with the oil shipping industry is that no-one wants to pay the price of a barrel of oil for the price of water...

  • Bunker Fuel Oil Quality

    Over the years, bunker fuel has been seen as a convenient “dumping ground” for dirty oil and enduring products...

  • Chemical, Vegetable Oil, Fats & Related Products

    These sensitive cargoes can have stringent specifications, where the purity of the product can be easily compromised by carriage conditions...

  • Liquefied Petroleum & Chemical Gases

    Liquid gas carriers are a speciality fleet, and problems with these cargoes have unique characteristics when compared to other bulk liquids...

  • About APC

    APC are an association of consultants to the oil shipping industry, with 30 years of experience in the investigation of disputes and claims arising from the various technical aspects in the quantity and quality control of bulk liquid oil transport.

    Our primary aim is to offer impartial advice to clients as to the most suitable means of resolving such disputes as timeously as possible, on the understanding that many of these disputes result in expensive litigation.

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