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Expert Witnesses in Shipping

Why are Expert Witnesses needed?

Arbitrations can be slow and expensive, even more so than High Court proceedings. So expert witnesses often play a very important role in the dispute resolution. Their opinion on an issue may be the most important part of a case. It is therefore vital for parties in a dispute to choose their expert witness wisely.

It is said that “a good expert witness is one that is honest, highly qualified in the industry in general and detached and straightforward with their answers”.

It is also important for an expert witness to give an objective unbiased opinion. Their overriding duty is to the court or tribunal in which the dispute is heard. They therefore need to provide their independent advice and assistance to the court or tribunal in relation to the matters within their expertise. This duty overrides any obligation to the party from whom the expert has received their instructions or by whom they are being paid. If the expert has a clear connection with their instructing party, then they may be accused of lacking independence

Associated Petroleum Consultants have over 30 years’ experience providing expert witnesses services both for arbitrations and high court proceedings, not only in the UK but also abroad.  Associated Petroleum Consultants have extensive experience in the petroleum shipping industry but also in demurrage, bunker fuel and Marpol Annex 2 substances. We have also worked successfully  with a number of P and I clubs and with an array of solicitors over the years. We deliver a professional service and we manage the casework to ensure that the experts’ opinions are delivered against the stringent requirements of legal team’s requests

At Associated petroleum Consultants Limited our consultants have all been extensively trained to be Expert Witnesses in order to prepare themselves for dealing with such events. - +44 (0)1444 412041 - Suite 2, Lion House, Folders Lane East, Ditchling, East Sussex. BN6 8SG

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