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Liquefied Petroleum & Chemical Gases


Liquid gas carriers are a speciality fleet, and problems with these cargoes have unique characteristics when compared to other bulk liquids.

LPGs comprise anything from fuels to speciality products and pure chemicals, and each cargo can have its own characteristics.

APC has many years’ experience in dealing with a variety of liquefied gas disputes, some of which cover the following:

  • Methanol contamination of propane & butane
  • Water contamination of propylene
  • Butadiene contamination of propylene & ethylene
  • Copper corrosion contamination of propane
  • Dimer contamination in Butadiene
  • Inhibitor contamination in Butadiene
  • LPG specification disputes
  • LPG cargo tank change-over disputes
  • Ammonia, propylene or mercaptan contamination of LPG
  • Excess water in LPG & resultant damage to cargo handling equipment
  • LPG Bill of Lading & Outturn disputes
  • LNG & LPG Charter Party performance disputes
  • General advice on loading, carriage, discharge & cargo change-over procedures between all grades of LPG, LNG & Chemical gases - +44 (0)1444 412041 - Suite 2, Lion House, Folders Lane East, Ditchling, East Sussex. BN6 8SG

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