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Crude Oil & Petroleum Products (Marpol Annex 1 Substances)


A perennial problem with the oil shipping industry is that no-one wants to pay the price of a barrel of oil for the price of water, or for cargo that cannot be entirely delivered, or for cargo which does not meet specification.

There are subtle variations in the characteristics of crude oils from different wells and parts of the world that have to be factored in to bulk transportation.  Water contaminations and cargo retention clause disputes may seem to be relatively simple to resolve, but the nature of the cargo itself can play a key role.  Our personnel have well over 30 years’ experience in investigating such disputes.

We have expertise in the carriage of crude oil and petroleum products and have offered advice in many different areas, including:

Crude oils:

  • All sizes of tankers, OBO’s & OO’s
  • Cargo loss on voyage from loadport to disport (ship & shore)
  • Loadport losses (evaporative or otherwise)
  • Intransit losses (evaporative or otherwise)
  • Discharge port losses
  • Cargo conversion
  • Storage/Refinery losses
  • Cargo quality disputes
  • Water contaminations
  • ROB Disputes
  • Cargo Quality and effectiveness of both Discharge & Crude Oil Washing operations
  • Wax precipitation
  • Wax contamination of Napthenic crudes
  • Cargo heating
  • Characterisation of ROB
  • Issues with COW performance
  • Shore Terminal Surveys
  • Joint Surveys
  • Demurrage Disputes
  • Charter Party Performance Disputes
  • Voyage Performance Disputes
  • Expert Attendance – Arbitration/High Court worldwide    Expert Witnesses in Shipping
  • Crude oil cargo operations
  • Unusual crude oils and associated problems

Petroleum Products:

  • Contaminations of Fuel Oil by Crude Oil
  • Investigation of quality issues
    • Colour, WISM, freeze point & thermal stability problems with Jet Fuel cargoes
    • Water contamination of VGO, carbon black oil, lubricants
    • Chloride contamination
    • Sulphur content of diesel
    • Particulate matter
    • Discolouration
    • Flash point issues
  • Contamination of clean petroleum products (CPP)
    • Naphthas, Gasolines, Jet Fuels, Kerosenes, Gas Oils & Diesels
  • Contamination of Dirty Petroleum Products (DPP)
    • Vacuum Gas Oils, Lubricating Oils, Carbon Black, Heavy Fuel
  • General Bill of Lading & Outturn disputes
  • General investigations into alleged intransit losses
  • Cargo conversion
  • Contamination of White Mineral Oils
  • Charterparty disputes
  • Description of cargoes
  • Cargo heating disputes
  • Tank cleaning disputes
  • Inspection of cargo tanks, after rejection for loading
  • Bunker contaminations (quality and resultant engine damage) - +44 (0)1444 412041 - Suite 2, Lion House, Folders Lane East, Ditchling, East Sussex. BN6 8SG

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